Which Cargo Do You Work With? 

All our shipments are made only via domestic cargo.  Shipment can also be made with other cargo, provided that the difference is paid by you. 

Is there a Shipping Fee?

Cash on delivery 
For single payment payments by card at the door 
There is a shipping fee in addition to the product. 
Shipping costs are discounted for payments made by money order/EFT.

What happens if I do not receive the cargo?

If the cargo comes home and cannot find you, it returns to the agency. You will be informed about this. If you do not receive it for another 2-3 days, the cargo will be sent back to us. In such cases, an additional fee may be charged even if the cargo sent for the second time is free of charge under the conditions stated above. If you knowingly fail to receive the cargo, action is initiated in accordance with the Distance Sales Agreement. 

How will I be informed when my product is shipped?< /span>

After your order, you will be sent via SMS or Email, according to your communication preference, by our website or by the cargo company. notification is made.

I have a cargo tracking code. How can I follow up?

https://www.hazamoda.com/Hesabim?lang=en#/Siparislerim from this screen shipping You will be able to make inquiries with your tracking code. It will be enough to write your e-mail address and tracking number on this screen

EXCHANGE cargos are made ONLY with Domestic CARGO and since we do not have an agreement with other cargoes, The products you send to cargo are not accepted. The shipping fee incurred due to the change belongs to the BUYER. 


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