Are there returns or exchanges?

We do not offer refunds.  
Changes are possible for seasonal products and the change fee belongs to the customer. 
Discounted products are not subject to exchange. 

Is there a shipping fee for exchange? 

Shipping costs for exchanges belong to the Customer. 

Do you issue invoices?

Yes, an invoice is issued for all your purchases. Even if you cannot access your invoice, you can call us and request your invoice. Since it is mandatory to issue invoices, we cannot respond positively to some of our customers' requests for products without invoices and, therefore, with VAT discount. If you cannot access your invoice, you can request your invoice by contacting us through the membership panel on our website.

Where is your location? Do You Have a Store? 

You can reach us through the contact section. Our store has been in Başahşehir for years and we ship to all over Turkey. 


Can I order via Whatsapp?

Yes. You can order from us via WhatsApp, Instagram or on our website. You can find all the information in the contact section.  You can also order from stores such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada. 


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